Plan your stay in St. Petersburg, Russia
Read some tips on how to get to St. Petersburg and what to do there
St. Petersburg is often called the cultural capital of Russia. Being one of the most visited cities in Europe and a part of the UNESCO World Heritage, it preserves the unique combination of the national historical legacy with modernity and innovations. Its museums like the Hermitage are globally known attractions.

During the school several complimentary cultural events will be organized for participants, including a sightseeing tour on St. Petersburg. Students are more than welcome to explore the attractions on their own, with our staff ready to help in choosing the best route and buying tickets.
Visa Issues
Most foreign nationals require a visa to enter Russia. It can take time for a visa to be issued, hence the application process should began not earlier than 2 months prior to an expected date of the visit. Visas are issued by the Embassies and the Consulates of the Russian Federation

Before the application, make sure that your Passport is valid for at least 6 months from the planned expiry date of the visa you intend to obtain. You will also need certain specific documents, like the medical insurance.


Please note that the visa invitation from the HSE can only be issued upon the receipt of a tuition fee payment.

To get a visa, you may need the invitation letter for the HSE. Since invitation letters are issued by the Russian Migration Authority, it may take up to 30 days after the application. For the EU - citizens (except the UK and Ireland) invitations are issued within 1 week.

To get an invitation, please:

- Scan your passport (the pages detailing your name and the authority which issued the Passport);
- Choose the "Visa Support" option in the Registration form, fill in the required fields and attach the scan.
- Please note that you should apply for Humanitarian visa, a type "Research-Scienfitic Visa" unless other is mentioned by the Organizing Committee.


- Please check at the Russian embassy if you are required to provide an original of the visa invitation letter. It is always better to ask the Russian consulate first whether they accept copies of invitations or only originals and to specify it when applying for an invitation to facilitate processing.

- If you live in a country other than your country of origin, please note that (subject to your home country) you might be not allowed to apply for the visa in the country of your residence, or additional application requirements may apply (e.g. you might be asked to provide notary translation of your residence permit in the country of application). Please check with the Russian Embassy in the country of application.


From the 25th of November 2002, all foreigners are obliged to fill in a migration card, which will be given to them when they cross the Russian border. It is required to put in the migration card: 1) personal information, 2) terms of stay in Russia and the purposes of the visit and 3) the prospective residential address. It is obligatory to fill in the name of the inviting company and the address of the inviting company. Please, do not lose a migration card! Incase of damage or loss of migration cards foreign citizen must immediately inform the Local Organizing Committee.

Upon arrival to Russia a foreign citizen needs to go through the visa registration procedure.
If you stay at a hotel it goes automatically at the place of residence being arranged by a hotel.
If you do not stay at a hotel, provided that you have a visa which was issued through an invitation of the Local Organization Committee, the procedure of migration registration can be done by the Committee and is free of charge.

If you have any questions concerning visa, invitation letters, etc., contact as at
Find your nearest Russian Embassy
Travel to St. Petersburg
The fastest and the most convenient way to St. Petersburg is by plane. The Pulkovo Airport is easily reached and not far from Pushkin town and the city center. It is also possible to take a train from some European capitals like Helsinki, Warsaw or Berlin.

We highly recommend to book tickets in advance, since Summer is a high season in St. Petersburg, not to mention the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
The Town of Pushkin
The IPSA-HSE School is located in Pushkin, a suburb town near
St. Petersburg, known for its magnificent palaces and parks.

The Catherine Palace with the Amber Room is perhaps the most well-known attractions of Pushkin, but definitely not the only ones.

It's a nice place to both study and explore the Russian history and culture.

Pushkin can be easily reached by bus, train or taxi

From the Pulkovo Airport by bus:
From the Pulkovo terminal bus 13 goest to the "Moskovskaya" metro station. You can also take buses K-3, K-113, K-213 the Pulkovo 2 terminal to the "Moskovskaya". Then you can take buses 287 to get to Pushkin, the bus stop you need is "Sadovaya (Parkovaya) ulitsa".

From the Vitebskiy Railway Station: You can take a surburban electric train from the Vitebskiy Railway Station(the "Pushkinskaya" metro station) to Tsarskoye / Detskoye Selo. The trains depart from St. Petersburg about each 30 minutes, the road will take 30 minutes as well. Then you can take bus 380, the stop you need is "Sadovaya (Parkovaya) ulitsa" (map)

By taxi: We do not recommend to take taxi services from drivers in and outside the Airport terminal due to high prices. The best option is to call +7 812 333-00- 00 (Taxovichkoff) or +7 (812) 401-11- 11 (Narodnoe Taxi). The average price for the trip from the Pulkovo airport to the venue of the school is RUR 600. The address of the school venue is: 4 Radischeva street, Pushkin.
Accommodation in Pushkin
There are a lot of places to stay in Pushkin, although the booking should be made well in advance due to the high season.

The IPSA-HSE School provides on-campus accommodation in the Kochubey - Center at special affordable rates. The Center, being a former aristocratic mansion and in fact a tourist attraction, combines innovative educational facilities with a splendid architecture of Imperial Russia.

You may book a single or double room, as well as to book special accommodation if you are traveling in a large company (including the apartments).

The booking will be available upon the registration to the event. You may look at the rooms and facilities of the Kochubey - Center here.

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